Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Well it's a new day and I've been thinking about what to make my new blog about .I guess it's going to be about my life past and present .I'm makin one of cowgirl's recipe's today. It's her bread recipe but i'm goin to make them into rolls instead .While I'm getting the bread ready I was thinking about what else to fix, I decided that S.O.S and the rolls would go good together to make a good home style supper.My wife and I have a deal when she works I'll fix supper, which it don't bother me ,I like to cook I just don't like to clean up . I understand now why she normally don't like me to cook in the kitchen because she says I don't like to see an empty dish and the clean up is usually worse than the cooking .I'm goin to start posting pics once my boy teaches me how to download them onto the computer . I think I'll post pics of my past huntin and fishin stories of the stupid things myself and huntin and fishin partners did over the past years. I wanted to let everyone know why I call my blog Poke Chop Charlies well it happened several years ago when I was about 4or 5 my mom had to be in the hospital for a week and us kids stayed with my grandma well she was a wonderful cook since she had to cook for 5 kids of her own . I asked her what she was cookin and she said pork chops and I said Good I LOVES POKECHOPS at least this has what she told me over the years so my wife and mom thought it was a cute saying so I thought it only fitting that would be my blogs name .LOL to everyone and have a great day and always Good Eats from Poke Chop

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